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January 29, 2020
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July 12, 2020
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April 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020
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July 12, 2020

Welcome to the SuperAUD Project

The SuperAUD project is a global initiative to create the SuperBridge HEX which incorporates centralised and decentralised elements to allow consumers to trade and store utility tokens in a trust-less environment. The exchange will use the first Australian-dollar stable utility token, SuperAUD [SAUD] as the primary market instrument, to accurately determine the fiat value of all cryptocurrencies and utility tokens listed on the exchange.

The SuperAUD Project ITO is complete!
15.34 BTC crowdfunded during the SuperAUD Project's Incentivised Token Offering.
✅ Incentivised Crowdfunding - 58%/58%

During the crowdfunding period, project supporters are able to accumulate cryptocurrency or ITO Utility Tokens for supporting the proposed development by joining the ITO and making a tokenised or non-tokenised pledge.

The duration of incentivised crowdfunding period is algorithmically determined by the amount of cryptocurrency accumulations that participants have claimed from the ITO, capped at 58% of the total pledges. Once the accumulation cap has been reached, all remaining accumulations are tokenised using ITO Utility Token [IUT] Smart-Contract at the last market price to concluded the crowdfunding period. This process is referred to as "Tokenisation".

✅ Tokenisation - 44,169,020 IUT Distributed

Tokenisation begins once the accumulation cap of 58% has been reached, indicating that the maximum amount of incentive accumulations have been accumulated by participants. Once the cap has been reached, the ITO Utility Token [IUT] Smart-Contract autonomously tokenises and distributes the remainder of accumulations in the form of [IUT] to participants.

Participants who accumulate ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] can use [IUT] to become an ITO Network VIP to receive community privileges, including early-access to future ITOs and exclusive discussion with the ITO Network team and fellow VIPs. IUT can also stored in a wide range of supported ERC-20 wallets or exchange between Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD on a variety of supported exchanges.

Proposed Development
SuperBridge HEX & SuperAUD Token
SuperBridge Hybrid Utility Token Exchange
Global high throughput & secure utility token exchange

SuperAUD Stable Utility Token
AUD-Tied Stable token, backed by SMSF.

The SuperAUD Stable Utility Token is used as the primary instrument for all open markets on the SuperBridge HEX, allowing traders around the globe to speculate the Australian fiat value of all utility token listed on the exchange in a high throughout and real-time environment. SAUD is tied directly to the Australian dollar and backed by Australian traders who have used their self-managed superfund (SMSF) to purchase utility tokens in the SuperBridge HEX.

  • Token Name: SuperAUD Token
  • Holders: To be deployed
  • Proposed Supply: 210,000,000 SAUD
  • Reserve: No Team Reserve
  • Trading Price: TBA
  • Token Symbol/Ticker: [SAUD]
  • Transfers: To be deployed
  • Circulating Supply: Determined by SMSF Deposits
  • Market cap: TBA
  • Contract Address: The SuperAUD Token [SAUD] will be deployed following the ITO.

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